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Here is a list of helmets for the Warrior class in Happy Wars. The stats shown are the for items at Lv 1 thru Lv 10. The Defense and Magic Defense for each helmet can vary, so the approximate stat ranges are given. If you have one of these helmets, but with a higher or lower stat, feel free to update the known maximum or minimum range.

All warrior helmets can now be set to a max level of 15.

You must use the same helmet for upgrading level 11 thru 15.

For help adding items, check the Instructions for Adding Items page.

= Premium Item
= Super Premium Item
Image Helmet Weight Defense Magic Defense Lv10 Defense Lv10 Magic Defense Slots Permanent Buffs
Beginner Helmet135-3629-301691390
Empty Can120221291431Max HP Up Lv1
Practice Helm130301501500
Booter's Helmet214121341101Roar+
Favorite Can238-4038-401651651AP Recovery Up Lv1
Lovely Pets236-3840-421571731Stone Throw+
Leaky Bucket Helm339-4047-501561902Max HP Up Lv1
Terror Face339-4047-501561902Max HP Up Lv1
Twin Chicks Head343-4543-451731732Max AP Up Lv1
Face of Rage454-5754-571921922
Heirloom Bucket Helm449-5159-631732112
Astronaut Helmet576-8373-832192432Experience Up Lv2
Birdie Head599-10389-942732472AP Recovery Up Lv1
Deepsea Diving Mask581-8473-752432192Max AP Up Lv2
Exquisite Can571-7571-742212212
Blue Knight Helm688-9088-892502502
Football Helmet697-9979-802752252
Military Helm679-8197-982252752Rocketman+
Ninja Hood688-9088-892502502
Pirate Captain690892522512
Screaming Face688-9388-932502502AP Recovery Up Lv2
Spiky Helmet6107-110105-111281-284278-2792Team Skill Exp Up
Bull Horn Hat781-8573-772432193Team Skill Exp Up
Crescent Shogun Helm7128-135105-110330-333270-2722Max HP Up Lv2
Evil Mask71121252843152Max HP Up Lv2
Knight's Helmet8127-132127-1313163162AP Recovery Up Lv2
Pointy Helm8140-148112-1173482842Rocketman+
Great Shogun Helm694-97104-1082552813Max HP Up Lv2
Max AP Up Lv2
Iron Helmet6128-132116-1203222762Experience Up Lv3
Master Ninja Helm61101102872872Max AP Up Lv3
Pirate Hat6134110-1123382762Roar+
Apollo Helmet71101342763383AP Recovery Up Lv2
Captain Hat7130-133118-1193222923HP Recovery Up Lv2
Full Face Helmet7121-12699-1053162583Experience Up Lv3
Pirate King's Hat71121132892903Team Skill Power-Up
Barbarian Helm Pro8144-152144-1513453453
Blue Knight Helm Pro8144-152144-1513453453
Heavy Helmet8150-154150-1583553553Experience Up Lv3
Helmet of Heroes8126-131140-1443103423HP Recovery Up Lv3
Horn Helmet8172-181141-148400328-3353Rocketman+
Muscle Crown8114-116140-1472843482HP Recovery Up Lv2
Winged Helmet8142-150160-1673403803Roar+
Grand Master Helmet10178-180178-1854034034Max HP Up Lv3
Heroic Helmet9189-220189-2404214213Roar+
Lovely Ribbon9191-210169-2104263723AP Recovery Up Lv3
Major's Helm9206-214173-1824703933HP Recovery Up Lv3
Shogun Helm9200-220160-1704363553AP Recovery Up Lv3
Team Six Helm92181594713703HP & AP Limit up Lv3
Executioner's Mask10211-225211-2134594593Max AP Up Lv3
Fighter's Helmet102371875054073HP Recovery Up Lv3
Perseus Helmet10178-180178-1854034034Max AP Up Lv3
Special Forces Helmet10180-200170-2004033944HP Recovery Up Lv3
Megalodon Head102442214755153HP & Ap recovery lv3
Warrior's Helm101711973934334Max HP Up Lv3
Max AP Up Lv3
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