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Here is a list of armor for the Warrior class in Happy Wars. The stats shown are the items at Lv 1 and Lv10. The Defense and Magic Defense for each armor can vary, so the approximate stat ranges are given. If you have one of these armor, but with a higher or lower stat, feel free to update the known maximum or minimum range.

All warrior armor can now be set to a max level of 15.

You must use the same armor for upgrading level 11 thru 15.

For help adding items, check the Instructions for Adding Items page.

= Premium Item
= Super Premium Item
Image Armor Weight Defense Magic Defense Lv10  Defense Lv10 Magic Defense Slots Permanent Buffs
Practice Armor140401801800
Shoddy Armor131-3231-321531531Magic Defense Up Lv1
Soldier Armor148-5048-501821820
Rusty Armor256-5956-591951951Freeze Rate Down Lv1
Sturdy Soldier Armor248-5048-501821821
Armor of Courage356-5956-591951952Stun Rate Down Lv1
Fervor Armor356-5956-591951952Freeze Rate Down Lv1
Awakening Armor490-9590-952532532 KO Rate Down Lv2
Ill-Fitting Armor499-10498-1042692712Smash Resistance Lv2
Big Zipper5132-137132-1363243242Mobility Speed Up Lv1
Magic Armor5107-113108-1132832882Magic Defense Up Lv2
Plate Carrier5107-113107-1102822822Defense Up Lv2
Warrior Mail5132-140132-1383283322Smash Resistance Lv2
Blue Knight Tunic6132-137132-1363243242
Courage Armor Plus6153-158152-1583533532Stun Rate Down Lv2
Demonic Armor61371363293282Defense Up Lv2
Ninja Garb6132-137132-1363243242
Olympian's Armor61371362
Pirate Garb6132-137132-1363243242
Swiftness Armor6157-166157-1643673672Mobility Speed Up Lv1
Iron Armor7168-177157-1773843892Defense Up Lv2
Lieutenant's Armor7166-174166-1753823822Iron Phalanx+
Awakening Armor Plus6182-185182-1924094092KO Rate Down Lv3
Barbarian Armor6188-194191-1924154202Smash Resistance Lv3
Fervor Armor Plus6132-138132-1403243243Freeze Rate Down Lv2
Pirate King's Garb61821844094112Anti Tactical Power Up Lv3
Barbarian Tunic Pro 7166-168166-1733823823
Blue Knight Tunic Pro 7166-168166-1733823823
Demonic Armor71821824094093Wind Resistance Lv2
Magic Armor Plus7184-187182-1884214203Magic Defense Up Lv2
Perseus Armor7191191-1934254252Lightning Resistance Lv2
Titanium Armor7182-192183-1894164203Defense Up Lv2
Veteran's Armor7166-177166-1753823823
Brave Mail8218-226220-227473-476470-4783Group Rush+
Netherworld Armor8245-248236-2425034993Iron Phalanx+
Swiftness Armor Plus8224224481-496481-4883Mobility Speed Up Lv2
Courage Armor Pro92722685545703Stun Rate Down Lv3
Fervor Armor Pro9282277552-561552-5563Freeze Rate Down Lv3
Elite Force Suit9280-300280-300573-574572-5753
Awakening Armor Pro92832835835913KO Rate Down Lv3
Master Ninja Garb92832835815813Mobility Speed Up Lv2
Storm Armor102662565255254Mobility Speed Up Lv3
Hero Mail102662665525524Group Rush+
General's Armor10276285568-581568-5834
Paladin's Armor103012966056003Defense Up Lv3
Magic Defense Up Lv3

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