So I was looking at my Mage the other night and started wondering just how strong is my attack compared to other people. I have a:

Great Eagle Staff Lv 10: 906
Magic Attack Up Lv3: +200
Magic Attack up Lv2: +120

Mage Slayer
In game Lv1 +100
In game Lv2 +15
In game Lv3 +30
In game Lv4 +45
In game Lv5 +60

So when I'm leveled up to Lv5 in a game
1476 (906 + 200 + 120 + 100 + 15 + 30 + 45 + 60) against Warriors and Clerics
about 2066 (1476 * 1.4) against Mages

My other buff is Fire Enchant+
Super fireballs are so much fun :)

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