Ok guys, so I'm sure that you are aware of the extreme style match "Tactical Weapons", where all tactical weapons get a damage boosts. The rewards are:

The premium Shield of Daring with 2 buff slots and orange guard move speed up buff.

Exotic Ladybug mage super premium weapon with 3 buff slots and lv10 933 magic attack. Not to mention an orange cleric slayer buff.

Lion Heart Cleric premium weapon with 3 buff slots, lv10 803 attack with an orange warrior slayer buff.

Underworld Sword Warrior super premium weapon with 3 buff slots, lv10 926 attack with an orange Dash attack up buff ( increaseed damage when doing a dash attack with the warrior.)

Out of this special match I have earned: 1 underworld sword, 9 Exotic Ladybugs (5 from the blue chest), 6 Lion Hearts (4 from the blue chest), and 2 shield of Darings (1 from the blue chest).

Now, Post your Haul in the comments below! :)

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