Hello Again guys, I just wanted to post some new ideas for other game type in happy wars. This game is amazing, and I think that the devs should make more gametypes before this game gets old. Then again though, Happy wars isn't that old because it's first year anniversary is in 11 days:) But you guys get my point.


1) okay so basically the concept is like team deathmatch in COD or Infinity Slayer in halo. Rules are simple: Take out opposing team players to earn points. Every kill is 1 point. Whoever gets to about 100 points wins. Now tell me that that doesn't sound like fun.


1) Start a match, and instantly you will be paired up with another random player, on a very small map. You and the random player will fight to the death, and whoever has the best KD at the end of about 5-10 min. wins. Just like player match, I agree but you get score. This game mode could even be one of happywars extreme style matches. I mean, they had Smash fest and Even stevens.

2)  NO BOTS!!! 

One Class

1) Ok, so the name could be better, but basically its the same as a quick match, except, EVERYONE has to be specific class type that the game assigns.  Sometimes the game requires you to ONLY play as a Mage type. Or sometimes it may ONLY allow you to play as a Warrior type. 

2) This idea is actually good, because then at least 66% of your games wont have clerics that rush into your castle and end the game in about a minute.

Well, thats my rant for now. Feel free to comment below and I may think of more game types. The ole geezer is out!

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