I like happy wars, and i was wondering if you guys wanted to play together sometime. If you do, either put your gamertag in the comments, or friend request me( gamertag: Jr Master Guru) I'm only online on weekends

I'm NOT a noob at this game, my highest league level is Legend, and I'm almost rank 56. Dont believe me? I'll list my stats:


  • Either Wicked Horn with HP recovery lv3 or Honey Hungry Bear with Hp&AP limit up lv2, Sacred Armor+, and Hp recovery up lv2
  • Goner Patient with Anti Tactical Lv3 or Courage Cloack with Sacred Song+ and KO rate down lv2
  • I use either the jinns lamp (cleric & mage slayer and attack up lv2) or my lv11 Lion heart (attack up lv1 and and warrior slayer)
  • Sunshine Shield (i'm getting a better shield soon though)
  • Pink Turtle shell (Respawn speed up lv2 &3 and Paremeter boost up lv1)


  • Either ThunderBird Sword (AP damage 3, lightning enchant effect, and smash effect) or Pirate king's sword (Ambush Attack up Lv3, Fire enchant effect, and Attack up Lv2)
  • Storm Armor (mobility speed up 3, Ice resistance up 3, stun rate down 2)
  • lv 11 persues helmet (Super Guard+, Max AP up lv3, Team skill exp up, and cannon accuracy up lv3)
  • lv 11 Athena Shield (Guard power-up Lv1 and 3) overall guardpower: 1291 in case you wanted to know.
  • Cool Sunglasses (Cannon Shots up 2, Tactical power up 3, Shorten Cooldown lv2)


  • Either fully automatic wand (Magic attack up lv1 & 3, fire enchant effect, and ice enchant. I'd replace ice enchant+ with magic attack up lv2, but i just cant find one that is removable. Toylogic is trolling me hard!) or Exotic Ladybug Lv14 (cleric slayer, Magic attack up lv 1 & 3)
  • Witchcraft Robe (magic defense up lv 1 and 2, and lightning arrows+)
  • Either brave hat (Experience up lv3 and 1, and cannon accuracy 2) or Witchcraft hat (windtrap, max ap up Lv1 and HP recovery up lv2)
  • Precious Monocle (Conserve Ap up Lv 1,2,and 3)


  • One lv 15 zeus spear (attack up lv 1, 2, and 3)
  • Another Zues spear at lv11 (Attack up lv1, 2, and 3. I would work on getting it at lv15 but I couldn't get enough spears in time)
  • Lv11 persues Armor (Lightning Resistance up Lv2 and defense up Lv2)
  • Fighter's Helmet (Stone Throw+, Max Ap up Lv3, and Hp recovery up Lv3)
  • Dark Hero Cape (Shorten Cooldown lv 1 & 2, conserve Ap lv2, and some other buff, i forgot.)

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