So I got the beta key for Happy Wars on Steam. It's similar to the one on the Xbox 360, but runs rather different for the PC version. As it's currently in beta, I must deny any screenshots of the beta despite content being similar.

The controls for it are rather a little weird. You have three choices on how to use your skills: Holding "Spacebar" (default) and clicking on the skill in the skills window, Holding "Shift" and pressing 1, 2, or 3 (Y, B, and A respectively for the Xbox), or by using the number pad which uses the layout similar to how it appears on the skill window.

Now gameplay-wise, it might be just me, but the frame rate is only good around the beginning and end of the matches. During the match itself, it drops frames perhaps after the first towers are built. A bigger concern regarding this is that the timer counts down at a constant rate, regardless of the current frame rate. Unlike the Xbox 360 version, there's currently only five playable maps: Rainbow, Twilight, Coral, Desert, and Snowman.

The game itself also has its own launcher where you can edit the major controls that you can't do in-game. Still just beginning, there aren't enough options to tinker with as video options only consist of screen resolution, vertical-sync, and the Fullscreen/Windowed mode (however, Windowed is not recommended). Otherwise, there aren't any other options to improve performance on slower computers/laptops (if that's actually the case).

I haven't tried the online part of it yet, but people on the forums are saying it's quite laggy. I honestly don't want to try it now that I'm seeing this along with the frame rate drop.

If you have the beta for it and never launched it yet, let me just say this in advance: you won't be able to use your Xbox profile despite it requiring you to sign in to a Microsoft account. This is probably because some content aren't available.

So in other things about this, it might be interesting if this allows cross-platforming when they release it. This does have some potential, it's just at the moment, I find the controls a bit clunky. They should allow controller support.

It's only the beta so I can't say more yet because I don't know anymore.

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