So obviously I'm becoming more of a ghost to this wiki now and I have my reasons. First of all, I can't really be playing Happy Wars all the time to get info for this. There's also a part in me that demands flexibility in my gaming and there's also more to that in keeping an equilibrium between games, anime, and music. Another reason is that I obviously still have classes during the week and work during the weekend. Mostly comes from the classes because I have my finals very soon and it's completely understandable that this causes a big break in my little triangle of hobbies. I mean sure I only have like 2 classes, but it's still finals and it's something that every college student should know that it can't be taken lightly.

Now I'll admit, Happy Wars isn't the same as I saw it when I started and I'm not in that time where I see games that I can play for hours, days, weeks, even months. I'm much older than I was when I was still playing games lots. I suppose I do have myself to blame because of how I dislike competitive gameplay. Competitive gameplay is obviously a huge part of the gaming community and it's basically what keeps games alive. I'm personally more cooperative like in games that have "Vs. bots" mode or coop mode against an AI (like in Left 4 Dead). But it's still a big deal that I'm easily throwing away my competitive nature in gaming.

Main point is that there are things that are causing me to create gaps between myself and games. How fast I can close them is not something I can answer. Hopefully I can start getting things straight again.

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