I'm a bit confused about an issue I've started having with Team Skills after the most recent update. Allow me to explain, to the best of my ability.

When I first began playing the game I was able to join-in on a Team Skill (TS) by standing over an open blue circle and pressing Y: that's it. Once I hit Y then my toon was locked in place, wobbling, waiting for the person who started the TS to "launch" it. It was simple and very effective.

Now when I play and attempt to join a TS my toon doesn't "lock-in" like it used to. It seems that it only allows you to be a part of joining in for about 1s before you have to press Y again.

Is this a known glitch to anyone? Has anyone else noticed this?


Posted by Happy Wars on Facebook

"Hello everyone! We hope you enjoyed the holidays! Since the last update, we saw that a lot of people were unable to use the Team Skills ability in the game. We also noted that some people are still seeing disconnection issues, unbalanced teams, and lag. These are two of our main priorities when it comes our next update. This isn't all we're working on, but we're giving these two issues special attention. We'll have more for you soon, including a full list of what you can see in the update as well as changes and additions we're making. We want to thank everyone for being extremely awesome and helpful with their feedback to the team and we hope to hear more from you!"

This is as of 5pm EST 1-3-12

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