Happy Wars Ideas

Hi. I came up with ideas for happy wars.

Here you go.



Name             Damage               Abillities           Notes

Wheight: 10 Big Bang

Sword              599-1,286            Smash +++   

Wheight: 10

Devil's Pitch Fork     -568-1,201       


Name                          Damage                                            Abillities                        Notes

Wheight: 11

Hammer of Wealth            1,000-1,950                                             Heal+++++Dash+++Sacred Armor+++

Toy Logic Mace          1,264-1789                                                       Sacred Armor+++++++

Wheight: 11             


Name           Damage             Abillities          Notes

Lazer Gun       409-860              Attack up Level 6

Whieght: 8

Un-Plesant Skull     677-1,348

Whieght: 11

I will update soon.

Thank you.

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