Okay I don't know how many people there are out there that are hardcore Cleric fans. I've found some several useful tips over the ages and am making a blog to share with them everyone

First lets take a look at what skills are avaible to us as Clerics.


A Skills

Heal - Heals you or an ally. Easy enough to understand. A very important skill, maybe even the most important skil you can have. 

Revive - Revives a defeated ally. VERY important skill and very potent when used correctly.

Sanctuary - Sets up an area that heals you or any team members that walk into it. Shrinks and disappears after a certain amount of time 

DIspel - Again does exactly that. More of a useful skill of the other teams clerics are keeping a good pace

B Skills

Tips and Tricks

  • While attacking the enemy teams gate it may be beneficial to place a wall on either side of the wall to block incoming ballista fire.
  • Placing a wall between the enemy team and their big tower may buy your team exra time needed to win the match
  • If forced into a 1v1 battle it might be beneficial to use Sanctaury during the fight to keep you alive.
  • Backing into a corner while blocking under the healing effect of Sanctaury can have a funny effect because it requires the other team to spend an additional amount of time just to finish off one player. (Note: Lightning Strike will send you flying. If you need to escape quickly try the double tap of [RT] and run)
  • If you have a strong enough defense you can actually block ballista shots for your team mates. It does cost health but because you are blocking and high defense you take minor damage. Since you can just run off and heal yourself it makes Clerics very good at this.

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