Why do people have to ruin other peoples good time these moders think they are funny or cool by hacking in there cable box(cause from what I heard from other gamers that's how they do it) and have to ruin the game. case in point right now I had to quit about five games of Special Match because there was a moder hacking the game and turned me into a king while they where king had to have been an illusion mod, anyway I thought I was the king and nobody was around me and broke the castle door and got in and just when I thought that I won the game nothing happen and realized that it was a moder hacking the game. when is xbox live or toylogic going to do something about it and you wonder why toylogic has to update there game from time to time cause the moders are ruining there game and don't want to do nothing about and xbox exec's have to stop letting the moders from ruining game play or someday there system is going to get hacked just liked what happend to sony and there playstation. they think they have the toughest security in the world but all it takes is one moder or hacker to hack in and then ruin xbox live forever because a hacker got upset at them. I just wish somebody at microsoft would just read this and finally realize that it's time to stop this before it is too late because I really do love to play Happy Wars it's all I play and when I bought Halo 4 I still couldn't stop playing this game and I think everybody agrees with me that they hate it  when moders have to ruin the game that's why i don't play quick match ever because of them and that's why they are ruining the latest Special Match cause it plays like a quick match. the moders know they can cheat and try to win easily. please xbox and toylogic, STOP THE MODERS FROM RUINING YOUR GAME !

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