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  • BigGoyo71

    I take it wikia is not getting much help these days cause Happy Wars has there own wiki page now on the last update. they call it "Item Encycopidia" you can only see the items that you have or used to have and even show there level 10 figures. but you can also see every item on the list. all the characters items,all the premium and super premium items down to the new items from the "Special Challenge" and new items in the shop. sorry wikia hope this doesn't hurt all your hard work and achievments.

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  • BigGoyo71

    New Maps?

    March 27, 2013 by BigGoyo71

    I notice in the practice mode that you have black spaces where there should be maps there and was wondering are there going to be any new maps in the future like on the next update?

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  • BigGoyo71

    I hate Moders !

    March 15, 2013 by BigGoyo71

    Why do people have to ruin other peoples good time these moders think they are funny or cool by hacking in there cable box(cause from what I heard from other gamers that's how they do it) and have to ruin the game. case in point right now I had to quit about five games of Special Match because there was a moder hacking the game and turned me into a king while they where king had to have been an illusion mod, anyway I thought I was the king and nobody was around me and broke the castle door and got in and just when I thought that I won the game nothing happen and realized that it was a moder hacking the game. when is xbox live or toylogic going to do something about it and you wonder why toylogic has to update there game from time to time c…

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