I have been thinking of translating the full wiki to different languages, mainly the languages that the game supports. Besides English, the game also supports Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, and Korean.

My reason is, Happy Wars has a big following in Japan. I am not sure of the other countries, but I do know that many Spanish-speaking countries have people play Happy Wars (you have no idea how often I have run into them).

Saying this, I wish to translate this wiki into a set of the supported languages. When it comes to languages outside this list, I do need to know how many people from that area play the game. Preferrably, the languages I would translate the wiki into are Japanese, Spanish, German, and Korean.

So if you support this idea/project, do let me know. Please tell me any foreign language you have any formal knowledge of.

EDIT: Sometime within now and the end of September, I will start (and work) on the Japanese site.

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