This wiki has become disused.

Most of the comments in this page were logged at early 2013. Two major news flashes, I was not playing Happy Wars, let alone heard of the wiki at the time, and also, (as of this post) it's 2014 now. It pretty much has gotten to the point to where I (and a select few, which probably do less than me) am the only active contributor.

And worse, ALL the admins are not active, and yet some are still editing! What has happened to this? The wiki was big at the game's early stages, so what (pitiful, unless otherwise noted) excuse do you have to slack off? The game is still active! It isn't like Earthbound, another unpopular (save for a very active cult following) game, which has been released 20 years ago. Yeah, you can tell me Happy Wars is the same case, but it only came out 2 years ago, not the average lifespan of a game.

What this wiki needs is, 1: active (and committing) admins. 2: Probably awareness. Those who have items that the wiki needs images for, photograph them, and send them to one of the active users (probably the email on the main page is not used). 3: Open up to non-registered users! An admin is supposed to MONITOR them! 4: Someone edit the main page! (following sentence intended as a call to action) I would probably make a better admin than any of the existing ones!

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