What do you all think about this? If there would be a Happy Wars competitive league, do you think this is an appropriate ruleset?

Here is the structuring. You are only limited to beginner items for all your classes (and they have to be at level 10).* You will be playing best two of three, and loser picks next map. Team size varies on tourney.

Now here are the terms I would be using for the stages.

  • Starter: These stages are the only stages that are used in the first round. Generally, they are balanced stages.
  • Counter-Pick: These stages are often those that certain strategies work better in, and so, cannot be picked to start.
  • Banned: These stages are banned from league play, period. Typically stages with an unfair balance, or with flawed excecution.

Here's the list.

Starter Stages: Snowman, Deep Sea, Ketchup Avenue, Desert*

Counter-Picks: Twilight, Desert*, Coral, Pumpkin*

Banned Stages: Sunset, Pumpkin*, Zodiac

EDIT: New stages.

Bird God: Banned.

Forest: Counterpick.

Rainbow (for some reason I forget this) banned.

* Decided at Tourneymaster's discretion.

So, what do you think? Is this fair, and are the stage listings right?

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