With this small community, I must hopefully get to everyone.

I requested to adopt this wiki on the Community Central. My intentions with this are to hopefully restore this to its former glory. We NEVER had an admin on this wiki for a while, and there are very little honest people on this wiki who wish to take duties and adopt the wiki. In fact, not too long ago  I had to revert two edits by copy-pasting from a reliable edit (on one, I added additional, relevant content). Now, I will not divulge names or anything, that's for my eyes only.

Also, the reason I am suited for being an admin is because I am actively contributing to and monitoring the wiki (I am on at least once every day at peak).

For those of you who do not know, Wiki Adoption is a system by Wikia that allows regular users to assume control of wikis that have inactive staff. Thus, the user who requested adoption becomes an admin, and also technically owns the wiki (making them a Bureaucrat as well).

So, who's with me in terms of me becoming Admin? Also, if you think someone else should be nominated for admin, please open up (when I get my privileges, I will consider). I will look at the nominee's history on this wiki.

EDIT: I will also make changes to the main page to make it more like a headlining page (when they approve).

So, who supports my decision? The new folk may not get it, but there are some veterans here and there who may see the need for change.

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