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  • 729MendicantTide

    For those who do not know, the title translates to "You're slow, Toylo!"

    Anyway, yesterday, they posted their first announcements concerning Bird God/Forest.

    The point is, this is just a humourous action on their part. The maps have already been out for a week and they have not announced it during development, nor did they say in any major update.

    Just something I found humorous.

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  • 729MendicantTide

    How's this for a new wordmark?

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  • 729MendicantTide

    I have been thinking of translating the full wiki to different languages, mainly the languages that the game supports. Besides English, the game also supports Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, and Korean.

    My reason is, Happy Wars has a big following in Japan. I am not sure of the other countries, but I do know that many Spanish-speaking countries have people play Happy Wars (you have no idea how often I have run into them).

    Saying this, I wish to translate this wiki into a set of the supported languages. When it comes to languages outside this list, I do need to know how many people from that area play the game. Preferrably, the languages I would translate the wiki into are Japanese, Spanish, German, and Korean.

    So if you s…

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  • 729MendicantTide

    I recently got to play Happy Wars on my PC. For those who do not have it, until July 30, they are giving away free 100 Happy Tickets (which I got).

    The game was very slow, even on 800x600 resolution. Never did it manage to get to 100% speed. I did not try out multiplayer, because I heard out-of-spec computers get kicked off.

    Load time was avewraging around 3 minutes.

    For those of you wondering, here are my specs:

    • CPU: AMD Sempron 140 @ 2.7 GHz
    • GPU: (Integrated) nVidia 6150
    • RAM: 2GB
    • Power supply: ~150-200W
    • Storage: 500GB HDD
    • OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
    • Sound: Onboard with motherboard

    Yes, this was a pre-built system. Also, the parts are crap compared to your average gaming rig.

    So my plans are to build a new computer from scratch. This system wil…

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  • 729MendicantTide

    In the game data, they hint at a map called "Bird God.

    The map has not been officially announced. The only knowledge that we know of in regards to this map is that it might exist in the future. If you look in the Sunset quests, you will see that there is an addition: "Bird God."The obvious predictions are that it is going to be including the Bird Cannon at Sunset (this map=Sunset as Rainbow=Snowman as Twilight=Pumpkin as Deep Sea=Coral).

    One prediction that also comes to mind is that this is the surprise TL has planned for the 2nd Anniversary Update. What else do you think is going to come to place?

    Also, do you think "Bird God" is a working title for the map?

    EDIT: I also think, for the other map slot, the map would be a Ketchup Avenue retcon…

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