The Happy Spinner and Happy Cards are both methods to obtain items in Happy Wars.

Happy Spinner


The Happy Spinner in Happy Wars

The Happy Spinner is where you can use Happy Stars to win items. This is the only way to obtain items using Stars. The spinning wheel has 3 blank sectors. You can place a bet on an item category (weapon/shield/armor/helmet/accessory) to fill up 1 blank sector. If the wheel stops on a blank sector, you don't win anything. Each bet sector costs 300 stars. Max is 900 stars.

Once you've placed your bet, you spin the wheel. Wherever the spinner stops is what prize you win (but the chances of you winning something that isn't of little value is very low). You can mix up what type of items you want to try to win (you can bet all sectors Weapons or Weapons/Armor). There are spots that are already pre-loaded so there is also a chance that you may get an item that you did not bet on. The multicolored spot gives you a prize from a random item from ONE of the categories. Also, each item can be 10 different levels (if you land on one of the spots that are already on there you have a higher chance of getting a better item), the least rare being level 1, and the most rare being level 10.

Happy Cards

Happy Cards

Happy Cards

Happy Card Packs are purchased for 18 Happy Tickets. Each pack contains 2 Common Items and 1 Premium Item. There are card packs for each category of items (Weapons/Shields/Armor/Helmets/Accessories). At the bottom right side of the screen is a set of colorless stars that, as you open more packs, will become yellow. When all of them become yellow, you will activate Happy Time. Happy Time gives you a guaranteed chance to get a super premium item! You may get super premium items for opening a Happy Card Pack before Happy Time, but the chances are low, around 7%. Your chances of getting a super premium without Happy Time seem to drastically increase with a Sticker.

The probability of obtaining any Super Premium Item and the probability of obtaining a Weekly Featured Item are as follows:

Super Premium Items are obtained at 100% probability during Happy Time and at 7% probability at other times.

The probability of obtaining a Weekly Featured Item is 50% of the Super Premium Item rate, meaning 50% chance during Happy Time and about 3.5% chance when not in Happy Time.

(Taken from the offical microsoft studios blog)


  • Some believe that betting 300 Happy Stars on the spinner and then spinning is the best way to get better items from it, as landing on the pre-sectioned parts of the spinner have a higher chance of giving a better item than a betting section.
  • Due to an update, the spinner gives out Super Premiums and Premiums much more frequently than before. This is not true for the Steam Edition.
  • Items that are won and are not in a player's item encyclopedia (receiving it for the first time) will have a shine effect behind it.
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