Happy Wars King

The King

A Special Match is similar to a Special Challenge, but it is PvP instead of Co-Op. Players compete to win happy stars, premium items, and even super premium items.

Save the King

Happy Wars Save the King Special Event with Commentary Part 114:53

Happy Wars Save the King Special Event with Commentary Part 1

The first Special Match was called "Save the King." It is a form of PvP in which players attempt to guide their team's King into the enemy team's Castle to win the game. It is much like a hybird of Halo's Juggernaut and Escort gamemoded; or if you can, imagine a game of soccer where your King is the ball and the enemy Castle is the goal

Rules of "Save the King"

Rules are similar to Quick match with a few major exceptions.

  • The first player to kill an enemy becomes King.
  • If the King dies, he is no longer King.
  • The player to kill the King becomes the new King, with a few exceptions:
    • If the player kills the king in the enemy Castle, a teammate outside of the Castle becomes King.
    • If the player kills the king and immediately dies, a nearby teammate becomes King.
    • If the player kills the king on an Engineer's Ultimate Weapon, a nearby teammate becomes King.
  • Players win by guiding their King into the enemy Castle or having the King on their team when time runs out.

Characteristics of the King in "Save the King"

  • These are some of the King's weaknesses:
    • The King loses his regular advantages from items and buffs.
    • The King is very slow.
    • The King has low damage, but high magic attack (only works when you are enchanted) and is an extremely powerful Slayer to its old class.
  • These are some of the King's strengths:
    • The King has an extended reach.
    • The King gets an added smash power up buff.
    • The King gets a modified skill tree consisting of the following:
      • The Warrior's Rocket-man skill
      • The Cleric's Wall skill
      • The Mage's Magic Napalm skill

Initial "Save the King" Reward System

  • Winning Players got a special prize. Rarest to most common, they consisted of one of the following:
    • 9 weight Super Premium Sword
    • 4 weight Premium Shield
    • 3 weight shield
    • 6 weight sword
    • 500, 1000, or 2000 Happy Stars
  • Losing Players got a booby prize or consolation prize. Rarest to most common, they consisted of one of the following:
    • Various passes redeemable for the following:
      • A free card pack
      • A free ticket
      • Choosing the class that of an item from a purchased card pack
      • Spawn stronger for free
    • 100, 300, or 2000 Happy Stars

Bounty Hunters

Introduced at (insert date here), Bounty Hunters is a gamemode that hybridizes Halo's Headhunter and Regicide gamemodes.


  • All players start with 50 points on their head.
  • Players' bounties increase by actions that increase Score (healing teammates, building towers, etc.)
  • If a player dies, his score resets, and who ever killed him gets all of his score added to his total, as well as the team's score.
  • The maximum score a player can have is 7777. The higher his/her score, the easier it is to find him/her.
  • Building towers adds 5000 to the team total, as well as splitting it among the participants. Deconstructing the Big Tower gives 25000 points.
  • The first team to reach 80000 wins.

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