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Happy Wars is a multi-player action game with comical characters battling in over-the-top combat arenas. Players can assume any of 3 types of roles; Warrior, Mage, or Cleric, in a variety of battlefields including fantastic grasslands, a dark world and the ocean floor. Extend your territory by occupying the scattered bases and cooperate with teammates to attack the enemy's castle. For solo fun, the player can take on missions in the Story Campaign.

It's free to Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

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Classes and Items

Classes define what sort of weaponry, attacks, and armor you will be using. There are a total of 3 classes.

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Icon Weapons
Icon Shields
Icon Armor
Icon Helmets
Icon Accessories
Icon Weapons
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Icon Helmets
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Instructions for Adding Items

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Maps are the arenas that are played on. There are a total of 8 maps with 2 more expected to come.

M cnt stg img00-300x169
M cnt stg img00-300x169

Map Objects

Online Multiplayer

In this mode, multiple players battle against one another in all out wars across different levels of terrain. There are three types of multiplayer modes, Player Matches, Quick Matches, and Cooperative Matches. All allow up to 30 players except Co-op Mode, which allow up to 15 players.

Ranks Levels and RewardsEnemy AI TeamsSpecial Challenge

Single Player/Story Campaign

The Happy Wars campaign is not like many campaigns as it is played in segments. You will need to achieve a rank online to proceed through the story mode. Every 5 ranks you unlock a story mode chapter. There are 6 story mode chapters and each contains 1-3 sub-chapters.


The game also features a small tutorial allowing you to use each class separately and learn how to play the game and each particular class in better detail and understanding. There are three tutorial levels. Tutorial #1 teaches you the basics of of controlling your character and being a Warrior. Tutorial #2 teaches you how to use the Mage abilities and attack enemies from long range. Tutorial #3 teaches you how to use the Cleric abilities and aid your teammates.


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Happy Wars
HappyWars BoxArt
Happy Wars Box Art
Developer Toylogic
Distributor Xbox Live Marketplace
Platform Xbox 360
Release Date October 12, 2012
Genre Action
Website XBLA Site

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