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Happy Wars
HappyWars BoxArt
"Box" art (XBLA)


Toylogic Inc.


Microsoft Game Studios (XBLA)


Xbox 360 (XBLA), PC (Steam)

Release Date (X360)

October 2012

Release Date (PC)

May 28, 2014 (public beta April 30, 2014)


"Multiplayer Action"




Digital download (XBLA, Steam)

Happy Wars is a free-to-play type game, the first of its kind on the Xbox 360. It is a castle siege game where players' ultimate goals in each game is to successfully assault the enemy's castle. Initialy, the game was restricted to XBL Gold members, but a title update on January 2014 allowed XBL Silver members to play. On late April, a public beta was unveiled for the PC. The PC version was fully released on May 28, 2014.

Recently, a version has been announced for the Xbox One.


The gameplay of Happy Wars is comparable to titles like Awesomenauts and other titles of the genre. Players are to, from their own base, defeat their rivals and ultimately, capture the opposing base, before the opposing team does the same to them.

Special Variants

Main article: Special Challenge
Main article: Special Match

Occasionally (once every half-month at the least) the developers offer a modified gamemode. This mode is completely different from the regular gamemode, with a totally different focus. Items can be won from this mode, although the challenge only lasts for a week or two.


Main article: Character Customization

A core feature of Happy Wars is the ability to customize your characters. Per player, there are nine characters, three per class. Players have the power to change their gender and general appearance, as well as personality.

Available languages

The following languages are available for use in-game: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. (Source: Steam)


The game recieved fairly decent reviews, bearing a 6 (out of 10) on OXM. OXM praised the "varied and well designed maps" and the colorful tones of the game, but criticized the pay-to-win focus and lag issues.

In IGN, however, the game fared worse. It got a 4 on the site by official review, but the game's user review was, on average, 6.7.

Developer info

The game was developed Toylogic, Inc. Historically, the company was part of the dev-team that worked on Super Smash Bros.: Brawl (Hal-ken, 2007), alongside major developers Intelligient Systems, Game Arts, and others. (source: SSBB Credits)

Happy Wars is Toylogic's "first original title."

Minimum System Requirements (PC)

  • CPU: 2GHz processor (listed: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD equivalent)
  • Memory: 2GB RAM
  • GPU: DirectX 9-compatible card with 256MB of memory (Listed: nVidia 8800 series or AMD equivalent)
  • Storage: 800MB of storage space
  • Constant internet connection required for play.

Wiki Members' Tests

Tester CPU GPU OS Game Settings Notes
729MendicantTide AMD Sempron 140 @ 1.2GHZ Mobo-integrated nVidia 6150 Windows 7

800x600@60Hz, Simplified Graphics Enabled

Pitiful in-game performance. Game speed is approximately 25%, even at this resolution. Time, however, is still 1:1 (i.e. 1 real second equals one in-game second).


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