Happy Ticket

Happy Tickets are the pay-to-get currency of Happy Wars. It is used to buy items in the Item Shop, get after death perks, and in some situations, as substitutes for Happy Stars. The normal rate is 8 Happy Tickets for 80 Microsoft Points ($0.99 USD). Buying larger bundles will result in bonus Tickets being obtained from that bundle. There tends to be sales on Happy Tickets every so often, with 33% off the regular price. The regular amount of tickets at regular price are as followed:

Pack Name # of Tickets Bonus Tickets Total # of Tickets Price in Microsoft Points Price in USD
Value Bundle 16 Tickets + 2 18 Tickets 160 Microsoft Points $1.99
Deluxe Bundle 40 Tickets + 10 50 Tickets 400 Microsoft Points $4.99
Extreme Bundle 80 Tickets + 30 110 Tickets 800 Microsoft Points $9.99
Ultimate Bundle 160 Tickets + 80 240 Tickets 1,600 Microsoft Points $19.99
Legendary Bundle 240 Tickets + 130 370 Tickets 2,400 Microsoft Points $29.99
Epic Bundle 320 Tickets + 180 500 Tickets 3,200 Microsoft Points $39.99

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