Final Battle!

The second mission of War! The Kingdom of Dark!


Defeat the Dark King to rescue the Princess!


Warrior Weapon

Nouveau Riche Sword
Demon Noble Sword
Weight 6
Attack: 320
Magic Attack: 0
Attack Up Lv2
[Empty Slot]
[Empty Slot]

Replay Happy Stars

Normal 500
Hard 1000
Very Hard 1500


  • A Mage with a fire enchantment makes this stage much easier.
    • For this strategy, good Magic Attack is crucial.
    • For this strategy, high Magic Defense will also help a lot.
    • A list of Buffs to consider for this strategy:
      • Weapon Buffs
        •  Fire Enchant + / Fire Enchant Effect
        •  Magic Attack Up
        • AP Damage Attack Up
      • Armor Buffs
        • Magic Defense Up
      • Helmet Buffs
        • AP Recovery
        • HP Recovery
        • Max AP
        • Max HP
      • Accessory Buffs
        • Conserve AP
        • Shorten Cooldown

Another way to survive is just being smart when playing as other classes, AKA knowing when to pick fights, how to take out enemies, healing allies, etc.

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