A full set for players who want to scare their enemies away! This set includes the bandage armor, bloody shield and the pot-shaped helmet!

Can be purchased at the Item Shop for 20 Happy Tickets

Cleric Items


Halloween Staff Lv1 Weight: 5
Attack: 153
Magic Attack: 0
[Empty Slot]
[Empty Slot]


Bloody Sandbag Lv1 Weight: 3
Guard Power: 382
AntiMagic Guard: 289
Guard Power Up Lv1
[Empty Slot]


Jar Head Lv1 Weight: 6
Defense: 80
Magic Defense: 79
HP Recovery Up Lv2
[Empty Slot]


Mummy Suit Lv1 Weight: 5
Defense: 104
Magic Defense: 101
[Empty Slot]
[Empty Slot]


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