Make your childhood dreams come true! Suit up as an astronaut and explore the final battlefield frontier!

Can be purchased at the Item Shop for 20 Happy Tickets

Warrior Items


Slaughter Chainsaw Lv1 Weight: 6
Attack: 251
Magic Attack: 0
Charged Attack+
[Empty Slot]


Colorful Shield Lv1 Weight: 3
Guard Power: 288
AntiMagic Guard: 353
Falling Damage Down
[Empty Slot]


Astronaut Helmet Lv1 Weight: 5
Defense: 76
Magic Defense: 83
Experience Up Lv2
[Empty Slot]


Big Zipper Lv1 Weight: 5
Defense: 137
Magic Defense: 136
Mobility Speed Up Lv1
[Empty Slot]


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